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Founder of Lindsay Prime Real Estate Group, Lindsay fell in love with Mexico when she moved to Puerto Vallarta in 2008. Her early days in real estate were focused on the North Shore of the Bay, during a time when new developments led to exciting exploration of the burgeoning area.

Over the past 16 years, Lindsay has created multiple successful local businesses, as well as community-engagement social and grass-roots groups in the Bay. With an MBA from the University of Colorado, Lindsay is a seasoned professional with diverse global experiences from her position as an AVP in Executive Banking at Wells Fargo in Denver to owning and operating global award winning culinary and cultural experiences in Mexico.

Her passion for exploring different cultures led her to live on three continents, an experience that allowed her to acquire a profound understanding of global dynamics. Without a doubt, Mexico is the country that captured her heart. Finding boundless inspiration in Mexico’s rich culture, cuisine and history, Lindsay is an avid lover of Mexican cuisine (ask her to show you the best taco stand in the Bay) and artisanal agave spirits (Raicilla fan alert! ) Along with Mexican textiles and art, one of her all-time favorite things in the world are Mariachis. Nothing sums up the Mexican experience like a 16 piece Mariachi with friends, family, tequila and tacos.

Lindsay’s extensive international exposure has fueled a passion for travel, enriching her perspective on luxury properties, particularly in the Vallarta-Nayarit area. Her 15+ years in Puerto Vallarta gives her profound knowledge of the luxury real estate market in the Bay, including recently designing a luxury property of her own. This insight coupled with a keen eye for quality investments positions her as a valuable asset and resource in the industry.

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